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Asheville Brewing Co
77 Coxe Ave
Asheville, NC 28804
(828) 255-4077
Asheville Pizza bought into the brewpub business ten years ago and added a second brewery just over three years ago. The newer Asheville Brewing Co. provides much needed production capacity, another restaurant/bar and gives brewer Doug Riley time for more seasonal offerings
Brewer: Doug Riley
Shiva IPA    a crisp, citrusy, light colored IPA crafted with a simple malt bill and a generous helping of Columbus hops.

Rocket Girl   a lager made with Kolsch yeast creating an effervescent and refreshing beer.

Golden Lager    

Ninja Porter   a porter with a rich, satisfying body and intense chocolate finish with notes of coffe and caramel

Fire Escape    a jalapeno pale ale

Aviator Brewing Company
Aviator Brewing Company 
209 Technology Park Lane
Fuquay Varina, NC 27526
(919) 567-2337
Aviator Brewing Company started in November of 2008 in an airplane hangar. We initially brewed into two used dairy tanks.  Each tank held 300 gallons of beer.  Much to our surprise we quickly outgrew these tanks!  We added two used 30 bbl fermentors to the brewery and the capacity increased.  In January 2009 we had started distribution into the Triangle area.  The demand for the beer grew faster than we could brew.  In April 2010 we moved from the airplane hangar at Triple W airport to a larger building about 4 miles away.  We have expanded the brewery yet again and have added more fermentation tanks and a large cooler.  In September 2011 we added (3) 60 bbl fermentation tanks.  We also just added a 22oz bottling system to put some of our beer on the store shelves! (finally).  A 30Bbl brewhouse was installed in March of 2012, increasing our capacity 3 fold.  Keep an eye out for our beer in your area soon!
Brewer: Mark Doble
Saison de Aviator   a Belgian wheat beer spiced with coriander and sweet orange peel. An unfiltered golden colored ale with a fruity trappist yeast. A crowd pleaser. Great beer to pick up your spirits after mowing the lawn. Or to get your head working better after a day’s work in the old cube farm. 6.5% abv

HotRod Red   a somewhat classic Irish Red Ale. This ale is feisty and a bit hoppy. There is a malty sweetness and a somewhat dry finish. Traditional East Kent Goldings but with a nice touch of Cascade and dash of roasted barley give this ale a great taste. 6.1% abv

Devil's Trampling Ground Triple   a hearty Tripel Belgian ale. This  Tripel is a golden colored ale that has a fruity spicy flavor that finishes a bit sweet. The Devil's Tripel is light tasting from the addition of candy sugar. We add just the right amount of hops to balance out the sweetness. 9.2% abv

HogWild India Pale   a golden brew made with Pale Ale and Vienna malts.  A veritable fest of the big "C" hops.  Chinook, Columbus, Cascade.  Dry hopped with 30lbs of Magnum and Williamette.  This is a very hoppy and refreshing ale. 6.7% abv

Bearwaters Brewing Co.
130 Frazier St. Ste. 7
Waynesville, NC 28786
(828) 240-0602
Bearwaters Brewing Co. 
Brewer: Kevin Sandefur, Melanie Sandefur, Greg Kidd
Angler’s Amber   

Barrel Roll Bourbon Porter   

Big Sky Rye   

Sliding Rock Ale   

Shining Creek Ale   

Skipping Stone Stout      

Stiff Paddle IPA   

Upper Falls Double IPA   

White Water Hefeweisen   

Beer Army Combat Brewery
134 Industrial Park Dr
Trenton, NC 28585
Beer Army Combat Brewery is an award winning local micro brewery located in Trenton, NC. The brewery opened on April 19th, 2013 in the small town of 287 people. We distribute all across NC through Freedom Beverage Company and self distribute in Craven County. Cheers!
Brewer: Jeff Brungard, Matt John, Dustin Canestorp

Birdsong Brewing
26th and North Davidson
Charlotte, NC
(704) 942-4555
Birdsong Brewing is Charlotte’s newest microbrewery.  We are located in NoDa at 26th and North Davidson and we started retail distribution and tap room sales in December of 2011. Our goal is to create outstanding beer, to have a low impact on the environment, and to create personal relationships and ties to the local community. Our inspiration comes from the popular and innovative styles of the West Coast brewers and is fueled by Conor’s passion and ability to construct unique yet sessionable recipes.  We’re excited to add to the growing craft beer movement in Charlotte and the Carolinas.
Brewer: Conor Robinson
Free Will American Pale Ale    a Colorado inspired ale with a complex, citrusy and floral hop flavor. 5.5% abv, 45 IBU

Lazy Bird Brown Ale    an American brown ale with a roasty and citrusy aroma backed by a pleasant malt background and firm bitterness. 5.5% abv, 45 IBU

Saison   a golden yellow Belgian Ale has a heavy dose of herbaceous and stone fruit aromas. It is dry and crisp on the palate with a blend of wheat flavor and pepper spice.

Higher Ground India Pale Ale    a heavy lemon aroma along with a nice grapefruit flavor.  It's noticeable bitterness is balanced by a subtle caramel background to make for an easy drinking IPA. 6.9% abv, 65 IBU

Blind Squirrel Brewery.
4716 South US Hwy 19E
Plumtree, NC 28664
(828) 765-2739
We opened the brewery operations in August of 2012 and are scheduled to produce 500 barrels in 2013.  We began this project with the renovations of the T.B Vance General Store, circa 1919, and it has evolved ever since. 
Blind Squirrel IPA    many examples of American IPAs tend to be hop “bombs” that will make you pucker up with that “bitter beer face”.  We brew our IPA with just the right amount of bittering hops, but we make sure to focus on the more delicate qualities of humulus lupulus. That's why we load it up with late addition hops that inundate the senses with piney, citrusy and floral contributions. 7% abv

Blind Squirrel Nut Brown Ale
     we selected certain malts for our grain bill that give it that nutty/toasted flavor that squirrels love.  We keep the hop additions to a minimum in order for those malty flavors and aromas to shine through.  We ferment with a clean neutral yeast that provides for a nice smooth malty finish with just enough residual sweetness that will keep you wanting more. 6% abv

Blind Squirrel Stout    specialty grains and fresh yeast provide a wonderful complex beer that delights even the most discernible palate.  The roasted character will dominate the first sip, but easing right in behind it will be hints of coffee, vanilla, chocolate and other wonderful toasted flavors and aromas. 5.7% abv

Blind Squirrel Belgian Tripel    is brewed using a simple malt bill and only a few hop additions.  While the malt and hops do contribute to the final product it's really the yeast that's on display here. Hints of raisins, plums, apricots, tangerines, and some spicy notes. 9%abv

Boone Brewing Co.
PO Box 2678
Blowing Rock, NC 28605
Boone Brewing Company takes pride in offering the High Country's own Blowing Rock brand of beers to Mountaineers and to fans of the Blue Ridge Mountains! Premium American beer dedicated to suit the tastes of both casual beer drinkers and true beer conoisseurs, creators Todd Rice and Jeff Walker are confident that you will soon be requesting a Blowing Rock beer.
Brewer: Ray Hodge
Blowing Rock High Country Ale    this American ale is fermented from a grain bill of 2-row and Munich malts. The deep golden color is joined with a balanced bitterness along with plenty of aroma from generous dry hopping during post fermentation.  28 ibus, 5.4% abv

Blowing Cream Ale
    light, crisp and refreshing this American Cream Ale is the perfect answer when you want a light beer. Warm fermented and cold aged. 20ibus,  5.0% abv.

Blowing Rock Ale House Double IPA    an India pale ale brewed strong and hoppy with plenty of aroma, flavor and bitterness to balance the extra malt used to create this ale.  73 ibu ale,  7.8% abv

Blowing Rock Ale House Big Chocolate Porter    Our winter version of Chocolate Porter is fuller in body with the incorporation of enough cacao nibs and a touch of vanilla to give a subtle and delicate balance o flavor to this malty, dark  English style porter with a twist.  32 ibus, 7.0% abv

brevard breing co
Brevard Brewing Co.
63 E Main St   
Brevard, NC 28712
(828) 885-2101
"While German-inspired lagers are my specialty, I will never forget the wonderful contributions that American home brewers have made to the beer world over the past thirty years.  I typically find myself drinking a cold, smooth, Pilsner, but every now and again, my taste buds crave a bold, hoppy American IPA.  This is why Brevard Brewing Company offers American ales in addition to German lagers.  No matter your mood or what you are craving, we have the right beer for you."
Brewer: Kyle Williams, Elizabeth Williams, Hanes Hoffman
Brevard American Premium Lager  so delicious it proves it's OK for beer geeks to drink "lawnmower beer".  It is packed with more flavor than you will find in the average American canned beer, but light enough to drink all summer day long.  4.9% abv

Brevard Bohemian Pilsner  Brevard's flagship beer.  Cold lager fermentation and a medium-light body produce a crisp, clean, and smooth mouthfeel. Imported noble hops from the Czech Republic and Germany lend a floral aroma and spicy hop flavor, while extremely soft brewing water creates soft, round flavors.  This beer is the perfect marriage of flavor and drinkability. 4.9% abv

Brevard American IPA   the hallmark of a great IPA is drinkability, and this beer is no exception. Five separate hop additions make this beer explode with citrusy hop bitterness, flavor, and aroma.   Medium-light bodied and superbly quaffable,  be careful with this one because the 6.0% alcohol content sneaks up on you quickly! 6.0% abv

Brevard Munich Dunkel  (pronounced Doon-kel):  Brevard Brewing Company's darkest beer--finally, a welcome alternative to the mandatory Porter found in nearly every craft brewery line-up in the country.  Dunkel literally means "dark" in German, but don't let the dark color fool you.  This is still a German lager beer.  While chocolate malt and an abundance of German Munich malts provide a solid malt backbone, the medium body and lager fermentation make this beer surprisingly drinkable.  If a Porter and an Oktoberfest had a baby, this would be it.  Tastes like a dark beer, but drinks like a Pilsner. 5.0% abv

Brevard ESB  Brevard's ESB is a bit darker than most, pouring a deep amber color, but the hops are really what shine in this beer.  Over 1 lb per barrel of East Kent Golding hops were used to produce a distinctly English, pungently floral aroma and flavor profile, making this beer a joy to drink. 5.4% abv

carolina brewery
Bull City Burger and Brewery
107 E Parrish St
Durham, NC 27701
(919) 680-2333
Bull City Burger and Brewery is a locally owned independant restaurant and craft brewery, opened March 25, 2011.  We have up to 8 beers on tap at any given time, creating fresh ales and lagers rotating seasonally throughout the year. Just malt, hops, yeast, and water - no adjuncts or additives.  Our long term goal is to become part of the cycle of energy with the restaurant playing an integral role in the farms we source. Grain left over from the brewing process feeds locally farmed pigs and chickens. They provide pork bellies and for bacon and eggs for our over easy burgers. Used fryer oil becomes bio-diesel and 99.9% of our food waste goes to feed pigs on a local farm. 
Brewer: Luke Studer, Seth Gross, Shadoe Stewart
Parrish Street Pale Ale  has an aluuring autumn hue. Aromas of caramel, orange zest, and light floral hops greet the nose. A pleasant sweet malt character up front is followed quickly by apricot. The finish is crisp and hoppy, providing a nice counterpoint to the malt. Sporting a fuller body it is richer, hoppier, and darker than our Golden Ale.  The hops used are Northern Brewer, Goldings, and Fuggles.

Bull's IPA   our version of an India Pale Ale is unfiltered to maintain all the gorgeous hop aromas and flavors. Bull's IPA is balanced in style, playing the rich hop aromas against the malt  flavors. Apricots, flowers, citrus, and caramel nite in a mouth full of beer goodness. Noticeably bitter and full bodied, as is appropriate for this style.  Dry hopped with 7lbs of Fuggles, in addition to the Northern Brewers, Goldings, and Fuggles hops used (over 31lbs per batch!).

Youngen Horny Barley Wine   is an English-Style barley wine made in the traditional smooth style.  THis once a year brew started out with nearly 950 pounds of malt squeezed into a seven barrel mash tun. We pushed our system to its limits and six weeks later arrived at a deliciously balanced 9.2% abv beer with fruity fig and caramel aromas, a light toasty crust quality, and an intensely long finish. The hops used are Northern Brewers, Fuggles, and Goldings.

Pratt Pilsner   is brewed as close to a true Czech Pilsner as we can in Durham. The water was softened, Saaz hops imported from the former Czechoslovakia, the malt a true Pilsen style, Bavarian yeast. And the brewers even changedd their names to Laco and Svec during the brewing. Lightly golden in color, crystal clear,  a fine example of the "Beer of Kings" - a classic lager, without any watering down.  THe hops used are Perle and Saaz.

carolina brewery
Carolina Brewery
460 West Franklin Street
Chapel Hill, NC 27516
(919) 942-1800
Located in “the best college town in America,” Carolina Brewery is proudly owned and operated by UNC alumni. Along with a fantastic array of beers, the 16 year-old brewpub offers a casual, yet upscale atmosphere, at an affordable price. A second Carolina Brewery opened in Pittsboro in 2007. Carolina Brewery's draught beers and growlers can be found from the piedmont to the coast.
Brewer: Nathan Williams
Sky Blue Golden Ale   for those desiring a lighter beer that still has hand crafted integrity, this is a Kolsch style ale  made famous in its namesake city of Cologne (Koln in German). This thirst-quenching brew is spritzy, not too malty with the pleasing aroma of imported Hallertauer hops. While fermented warm like all ales, Kolsch beer undergoes a cold aging period like a lager which results in a brew that is complex, yet easy to drink.

Copperline Amber Ale  this red ale, brewed with caramel and pale malts, is abest seller at the Carolina Brewery. Using traditional brewing methods, the ale yeast provides a touch of fruit and works in tandem with the malt to make a very drinkable ale. Ken Golding hops lend just enough bitterness and aroma to round out the flavor.

Flagship India Pale Ale   this beer has a unique floral aroma from the generous addition of Cascade hops to the fermenter, a proceedure known as dry hopping.

Oatmeal Porter  this hearty dark ale with pleasing hints of molasses and chocolate is robust and full bodied. Fresh rolled oats compliment the brew by creating a nice silky texture and a creamy, rocky head.

carolina brewery
Catawba Brewing
204 E. Main Street
Glen Alpine, NC 28628
(828) 584-9400
CVBC is a family-owned, family-run business located in the Blue Ridge foothills town of Morganton, NC.  Just outside the brewery, panoramic views of Shortoff, Hawksbill, and Table Rock Mountains continually inspire the creation of CVBC’s Fine Handcrafted Ales.
Brewer: Scott Pyatt
Firewater IPA   Five separate hop additions give this beer quite a kick, while a blend of five separate barleys provides malty balance. In the style of the original India Pale Ales, Firewater is brewed strong enough to survive a long journey-either around the world or just from tap to mouth! 

White Zombie Wit  A substantial amount of unmalted wheat gives Zombie it’s unique body and white sheen, while coriander and real orange peel provide a unique, spicy finish.  As for the name… well, it was introduced at Halloween as a seasonal boo, errr brew, and it was a winner.  Now the beer and its name have become a permanent addition to the CVBC lineup.

King Don's Pumpkin Ale   This may be our most complex beer, as it uses five separate barley styles, an artistic touch of hops, spices normally reserved for baking, and really fresh pumpkin!  The caramel, spice, and pumpkin flavors meld into a wonderfully smooth, orange-hued beer that sports a luscious, creamy foam head.  Enjoy this springtime tribute to the fall season!

Hooligan King Scotch Ale  is commonly classified as a “Wee Heavy” in Scotland.  This beer comes across as a complex, layered beverage with a huge malt character.  Hops are present, but as is traditional in Scottish beers, they are subdued.  The malty sweetness is balanced by an alcoholic warming that provides a true soccer-style kick.  

Deep River
Deep River Brewing Co.
The brewery is is a 15bbl, 2 vessel brewhouse designed specifically for Deep River Brewing Co. The brewery recently started operations in a historic cotton spinning mill at 700 West Main St. in downtown Clayton, NC.  We strive to use locally grown raw materials for our beer whenever possible.
Brewer: Paul Auclair
Twisted River Wit    is a full flavored Belgian Witbier with hints of orange and citrus woven with a Belgian yeast strain and hopped with Cascade hops.

Riverbank Rye    is an amber pale ale, with subtle hints of rye and citrus. THe spicy notes imparted by the rye thread together nicely with the citrusy aromas from the Columbus hops.

duck rabbit
Duck-Rabbit Craft Brewery 
4519 W. Pine Street
Farmville, NC 27828
Founded in 2004, The Duck-Rabbit Craft Brewery is a packaging microbrewery that specializes in beautiful, delicious, full flavored dark beers. When they brew, they happily dance. During fermentation, the brewery staff softly sings to the yeast. Taste the results and you’ll find a song of your own.
Brewer: Paul Philippon
Duck-Rabbit Milk Stout    is a traditional full-bodied stout brewed with lactose (milk sugar). The subtle sweetness imparted by the lactose balances the sharpness of the highly roasted grains which give this delicious beer its black color.

Duck-Rabbit Porter    is very dark in color. This robust porter features a pronounced flavor of roasted grains reminiscent of dark chocolate. Also, Paul and Brandon add oats to the grist to give a subtle round silkiness to the mouthfeel. We’re confident that you’re really going to love this yummy porter!

Duck-Rabbit Brown Ale    is an American brown ale brewed with loads of hops from start to finish (it’s hoppy and beautifully bitter). Amarillo hops in the boil provide a spicy citrusy bitterness. Saaz dry hops in the fermentor provide a refined flowery aroma. These hops are supported by a grain bill of seven varieties of malt.

Duck-Rabbit Rabid Duck Russian Imperial Stout  

Duck-Rabbit Barleywine

Foothills Brewing 
638 W.4th St.
Winston-Salem, NC 27101
(336) 777-3348
Foothills Brewing, opened on St. Patrick's Day 2005,  is Winston-Salem’s only brewery. Foothills is a brewpub and self-distributing microbrewery. The company sells draft only product all over North and South Carolina. Foothills has won 3 medals at the GABF and 2 medals at the World Beer Cup since opening.
Brewer: Jamie Bartholomaus
Torch Pilsner    a well-balanced crisp-hopped Czech-style pilsner with rich, full finish. 5.3% abv.

Hoppyum IPA    an overtly hopped traditional American India Pale Ale, Hoppyum is bitter through and through. 6.0% abv.

Seeing Double IPA    Foothill’s first high gravity beer, hop bitterness is balanced with just enough malt sweetness to craft a highly drinkable beer. 9.5% abv

Peoples Porter    an English-style robust porter with chocolate and sweet toffee aroma, followed by herbal hop bitterness up front. Firm unsweetened chocolate flavor with moderate notes of caramel and toffee are preceded by flirtations with espresso in the finish.

French Broad Brewing
101-D Fairview Rd.
Asheville, NC 28803
(828) 277-0222
French Broad Brewing is a small micro-brewery nestled in the mountains of Asheville. Since opening its doors in 2001, the goal has been to create traditional European style beers while maintaining the unique flavor that is Asheville. These tasty creations can be found all over North Carolina, Virginia, Eastern Tennessee, and soon Georgia. If you’re ever in Asheville, stop by the tasting room and say “Hi.”
Brewer: Aaron Wilson
Ryehopper   a distinctive American pale ale with strong rye malt notes, resulting in a dry-on-dry beer spectacular.

13 Rebels ESB    is named for the 13 colonies, this  Extra Special Bitter features generous Goldings profile and a complex malt palate.

French Broad Barleywine   

French Broad IPA    this IPA features hops (of course!), but has a lot going on in the grain bill as well.

Frog Level Brewing Co.
56 Commerce St.
Waynesville, NC 28786
(828) 454-5664
Frog Level Brewing Company is located at the gateway of the Smokies in Waynesville, North Carolina. Our beers are distinct in their attitude and ingredients; brewed with wholesome grains, fresh hops, and proudly served.
Brewer: Clark Williams , Taylor Rogers
Lily's Cream Boy   if the combination of vanilla, butterscotch, and fizz don't take you back to sipping cream soda through a straw at the drug store, you've definitely lost touch with your inner child.4.4% abv

Catcher in the Rye    crafted with rye and blasted with hops, this beautiful red ale is flat-out tongue candy. If you're bored with the run-of-the mill, you'll be jumping for joy over the floral aroma and tangy zip of this one. 5.5% abv

Tadpole Porter   we threw some barley and hops in with the oatmeal to craft a dark brew even a mother could love. 5.8% abv

Front Street Brewery
9 North Front Street
Wilmington, NC 28401
(910) 251-1935
Started in 1995, Front Street Brewery has been brewing fresh, handcrafted beers for the beer lovers that visit and reside in our Coastal Town. Located in Historic DowntownWilmington, the Front Street Brewery is Wilmington’s only Restaurant & Brewery. Our staff takes pride in offering great food and micro brews at a great price. 
Brewer: Kevin Kozak
Dram Tree Scottish Ale    traditional Scottish Ale. Very deep red in color and very lightly hopped. Chocolate and Caramel malts give this beer a touch of sweetness. 7.5% abv.

Ahtanum Amber   a  single hop amber ale brewed with 100% Ahtanum hops.

Condor Pilsner  a single hops German pilsner brewed with 100% Manderina Bavaria hops. 

Nobility   a single hop ale brewed with 100% Hallertau hops  and using a blend of two Belgian yeasts.

Fullsteam Brewery
726 Rigsbee Ave
Durham, NC 27701
(919) 682-2337
Fullsteam is a Durham, North Carolina production brewery and tavern inspired by the food and farm traditions of the South. Our mission: to pioneer the art of Distinctly Southern Beer, brewing with local farmed goods, heirloom grains, and seasonal botanicals to guide our beer and our quest.
Brewer: Sean Lilly Wilson

Gizmo Brew Works

Brewer: Tyler Cox, Bryan Williams, Matthew Santelli, Elizabeth Morgan

Granite Falls Brewing Company
47 Duke St
Granite Falls
, NC  28630

Granite Falls Brewing Company is proud to operate from the historic 32,000 square foot Granite Bottling Works (1903-1978) and Pepsi-Cola Bottling plant. Visit our funky Southern Gastropub restaurant, Supper Club-style music venue and Tasting Room with 103-foot-long tasting counter, where we celebrate 110 years of beverage production and bottling onsite! Part museum, part brewpub- rich in taste and history. .
Brewer: Zach Hart, Bradley Myers, Daniel Adkins
Hopallacia IPA

Bumpkin Brown Porter  

Headstrong Hefeweizen

White Mountain Belgian Pale Ale  

Green Man 
23 Buxton Ave
Asheville, NC 28801
(828) 252-5502
The legendary Green Man has existed for centuries but it's no myth that he's been brewing great beer in Asheville since 1997. As one of North Carolina's oldest breweries, Green Man has been producing some of the beer scene’s most iconic ales. Our offerings are consistently recognized for quality as well as loyalty to traditional English styles. Additionally, our brewers strive to bring innovative and exciting new flavors to beer loving folks. Continuing our evolution, we are constructing a brand new brewing facility which will enable us to seek out fitting new markets. Let Green Man personify for you a renaissance of flavor and great beer. Open 4pm-9pm, 7 days a week!
Brewer: John Stuart
Green Man ESB    Brewed since 1997, Green Man ESB is one of our signature brews, with its toasted malt flavor and pleasant finishing sweetness. Its eminently drinkable style comes from a blend of British-grown malts balanced with the earthy spiciness of hand-selected premium U.S. hops. Boasting an ample, nutty aroma, and a broad, authoritative flavor, Green Man ESB combines the best of English tradition with American style. 5.5% abv

Green Man IPA    A legendary India Pale Ale, the Green Man IPA is very hoppy with a properly balanced malt body. Brewed with generous hop additions in our kettle to give it a wonderful bitterness, it’s then late-kettle hopped to create a pleasant, floral nose. The “maltiness” is derived from traditional British malt. Its rich flavor stands up to the hops that would otherwise dominate this beer. Green Man IPA is truly an authentic version of an Indian Pale Ale, with a twist that makes it uniquely our own.  6.2% abv

Green Man Porter    Green Man Porter is a delicious, full-bodied ale rich in flavor, yet easy to drink, with a creamy, smooth mouth feel. The slight hop bitterness only enhances the distinctive chocolate and roasted finish to come. Ruddy brown in color, Green Man Porter offers a bittersweet balance of malt and hops with a light cream finish. It continues to reap accolades and medals from those who know best.  6.0% abv

Heinzelmannchan Brewery
545 Mill Street
Sylva, NC 28779-5546

Dieter Kuhn, Certified Braumeister, was born and raised in Heidelsheim near the Black Forest of Germany. His passion for handcrafted beers, years of experience home brewing & education gave him a solid foundation to open Heinzelmannchen Brewery in 2004.  Brewed onsite, Heinzelmannchen ales are based on an old German tradition, when ales were the only beer available, of milder flavors that pair well with food.  The Beer Brewed for FoodTM and fresh draft sodas can be enjoyed at the Brewery in Downtown Sylva or WNC eateries. 
Brewer: Dieter Kuhn
Ancient Days Honey Blonde Ale  is a pilsner-style ale well-balanced, refreshing, crisp and smooth with a lingering sweet finish.  Made with local Catamount Honey. .

Maibock Not Yours   a stronger version of an Oktoberfest - brewed with Munich & Vienna malts this one is malty smooth with balanced hops and 8%abv.

Black Forest Stout   a dark, smooth ale; balanced roasted coffee and caramel flavors with a thick creamy head.

Hoppin' Downtown  brewed with regionally sourced ingredients, including Riverbend Malt House heirloom 6 Row Pale Malt, to bring together a golden appearance with sweet honey overtones, balanced by crisp, abundant hoppiness and a big malt finish - 11% abv  Prosit!

Ryeway 74 Collaboration Ale   a Red Rye Ale with smooth, spicy flavors balanced with hoppy and unique malty notes developed with heirloom barley and rye malt from Riverbend Malt House in Asheville. Brewed by Bearwaters, Frog Level, Heinzelmannchen, Nantahala, Tipping Point.   6.2% abv.

Root Beer   (non alcoholic) a caramel, vanilla flavored carbonated beverage made with organic cane sugar and dark brown sugar.

Heist Brewery
2909 N Davidson St #200
Charlotte, NC 28205
(704) 375-8260
Promising to rattle the status quo, Heist Brewery is continuing to rewrite the rulebook on craft beer and cuisine in Charlotte. In addition to award-winning handcrafted beers and made from scratch sodas, Heist offers an array of artisan breads baked fresh daily, shared plates and wood-fired specialties served up in a renovated, century-old former mill. At Heist, bold and unexpected culinary combinations are the norm, creating an innovative and appetizing dining experience for guests.
Heist Brewery Hefeweizen a German-Style Hefeweizen with banana and clove as the primary flavor profile.

Heist Brewery Red Ale is an AMerican-Style Red Ale, with a low hop bitterness and hints of caramel.

I2PA  a serious IPA at 95 IBUs, with citrus and piney notes from Simcoe and Cascade hops.

Heist Brewery Belgian White IPA is a Belgian-Style blonde ale using American hops to balance the sweetness.

Highland Brewing 
12 Old Charlotte Highway, Suite H
Asheville, NC 28803
(828) 299-3370
Since1994 Highland Brewing Company has grown from an idea in the basement of Barley’s Taproom to a 70,000 sq/ft building and state-of-the-art brewing facility in East Asheville. We are now the Southeast’s third largest craft brewery and home to WNC’s only fully automated bottling line. We also have a newly opened Tasting Room and amazing live music venue. From the flagship Gaelic Ale to the experimental Brewer’s Stash you are sure to find a style to fit your taste. Tours and tastings are free but donations for MANNA Food Bank are gladly accepted.
Brewer: Toby Arnheim
Gaelic Ale  

Little Hump Spring Ale   

Devil's Britches IPA   

Barrel Aged Raspberry Black Mocha Stout  

Howard Brewing
Howard Brewing
PO Box 1883
Lenoir, North Carolina 28645
(828) 572-4449
"Everybody has a passion... Fortunately for you - ours is great beer!" Our 15 barrel brewery produces super fresh craft beer for enjoyment throughout Western NC.
Brewer: Jason Howard
Action Man Lager  is a Vienna (or amber) lager with a light copper color and light toasted malt aroma. Soft, elegant malt complexity is in the forefront with a firm enough hop bitterness to provide a balanced finish! 5.5% abv

Lake Fever Black IPA  an American style Black India Pale Ale, is opaque black in color with a tight tan head. Brewed with massive amounts of American grown hops, it has an aggressive hop flavor and aroma with hints of spicy roast malt and firm bitterness. 7.2% abv

Trail Maker Pale  is an American Pale Ale showcasing American hops and American malted barley. Refreshing, hoppy and pale golden in color the pale ale has bready, toasty, and biscuit malt flavors supporting an aggressive citrusy American hop aroma and flavor. 6.5% abv

The Weekender Pilsner  is deep yellow with a frothy white head. Slightly sweet graininess and malt flavors are balanced with distinct hop character. Much bolder that your average American Pilsner but smooth enough for all beer drinkers. 5.0% abv

Mistletoe a Robust Porter brewed with fresh North Carolina Raspberries and aged in Lenoir’s own Carolina Distillery Carriage House Apple Brandy Oak Barrels, this full bodied and complex porter starts with a distinct tart raspberry note and aroma and moves into a bold malt flavor with notes of chocolate and coffee and finishes dry with oak flavors. 6.5% abv

Huske Hardware House 
405 Hay Street
Fayetteville, NC 28301
(910) 437-9905
The Huske Hardware House Restaurant and Brewery has been a historic downtown icon for over a decade, but the building itself has an even richer 105-year-old history, and is a part of the National Register of Historic Places. The brewpub recently reopened after extensive renovation and a change of ownership.
Brewer: Nathan Gastol
Raspberry Sour Patch  

Spring of Perles Light Lager 

Ale Yeah Pale Ale  is an American Pale Ale in a Pacific Northwest style. Plentiful amounts of cascade hops give a citrus flavor balanced by crystal malts. 6% abv

Sledgehammer Stout  is a dry Irish stout.  This is a dry Stout, not sweet.  It has an alcohol bite at the end.  The black barley adds a flavor of roasted coffee or burnt toast.  The Galena hops adds a spicy character, but it is more malty than hoppy.  A small amount of wheat is used to create a creamy texture to the beer.  The head is beige and the bubbles are small, and cascade after being poured.  6% abv

Lexington Avenue Brewery
39 N Lexington Ave
Asheville, NC 28801
(828) 275-0165
The brewery at Lexington Avenue is an infusion mashing JVNW brewery with a 15 barrel brewlength. THey do not filter any of their beers and all are served direct from the lager tanks to the towers at the bar. One cask beer is produced each week from Wednesday through Saturday.
Brewers: Bruce Cottingham and Johnathan Chassner

Liberty Steakhouse and Brewery
914 Mall Loop Road
High Point, NC27262

Liberty Steakhouse & Brewery is based on America's rich ethnic cooking styles, complimented by finely hand-crafted beers, tantalizing starters and perfectly seared steaks. We've got something brewing you're sure to like.
Brewer: Todd Isbell
Dry-Hopped Kellerbier  dry-hopped, unfiltered version of Liberty Steakhouse’s Liberty Lager, this is a great take on a very old and rarely seen style of beer.

Blackberry Wheat   wheat beer fermented with 80 pounds of pure blackberries to create a refreshing combination of mild tartness and the flavor and aroma of blackberries.

India Black Ale 

LoneRider Brewing Co.
8816 Gulf Ct. Suite 100
Raleigh, NC 27617

LoneRider philosophy - Effect change, don't be an audience. Walk your own path, and instead of thinking outside the box imagine what if there was no box.
Brewer: Sumit Vohra

Mash House Restaurant & Brewery
4150 Sycamore Dairy Road
Fayetteville, NC 28303
(910) 867-9223
Mash House Restaurant and Brewery is dedicated to brewing beers of premium quality and character. Utilizing time-tested traditional methods that Old World brewers have followed for centuries, Mash House is a brewpub but also distributes kegged and bottled beer throughout eastern North Carolina.
Brewer: Reuben Stocks, Scott Schenk
Mash House Red Ale  an American style red ale light in body and hop bitterness with a caramel malt finish.

Mash House IPA  big in hop bitterness, flavor and aroma. Made using  cascade hops for citris and floral aroma.

Mash House Amber Spring Ale  a perfectly balanced spring seasonal.

Mash House Maibock
  a dark red german lager. Slightly sweet malty character.

Mother Earth Brewing
311 North Heritage Street
Kinston, NC 28501
(252) 933-4071

True to its name, Mother Earth Brewing Company will not only employ a variety of eco-friendly practices, but it will also proudly restore one of the few remaining vacant buildings on a street that is becoming known for its diverse restaurants and unique retail shops. The remarkable renovation project will include a 20 barrel brewery, a bottling facility and Mother Earth's corporate offices. Future plans include a tap room and brewery tours.
Brewer: Josh Brewer
Endless River Kolsch  a clean, crisp beer, Kolsch offers a very slight fruity flavor and aroma. It is light gold in color, with a delicate head. This light-bodied beer appeals to nearly everyone who samples it. Expect to enjoy a slight tang in the finish.

Weeping Willow Wit  this beer style is over 400 years old, and continues to enjoy overwhelming popularity. Offering low hop bitterness, it is easy to enjoy. It pours very hazy, with a light gold color... we say it's like summertime in a glass. Bitter orange peel and fresh coriander add zest and depth to this refreshing beer.

Sisters of the Moon IPA   is made with hops grown in the good 'ol USA... you'll proudly support American farmers when you drink this beer! Light copper in color, it has an intense hop aroma and strong hop bitterness. Our hopback process uses fresh hop cones to take this IPA to unexpected places. Prepare for a mouthful of flavor.

Second Wind   is  uncomplicated and down-to-earth; the mild hop bitterness and gentle floral and citrus like character of this beer result in an invigorating experience that flawlessly celebrates the close of an idyllic day. If you're searching for your second wind, you've just discovered it.

Sunny Haze   will brighten even your finest day. "Hefe" means "with yeast" so expect to find our hefeweizen cloudy in appearance due to its unfiltered status. Fruity hints and slight spiciness of this hefeweizen will mingle in your mouth, creating a crispness that's as energizing as the sun itself. Banana and clove-like aromas add interest and depth to an already impressively well balanced brew. There's no doubt; it's meant to be a Sunny Haze kind of day.

Mystery Brewing Company
437 Dimmocks Mill Rd,Suite 41
Hillsborough, NC 27278
(919) 697-8379

Our mission is to create a cornucopia of high-quality, small-batch, rustic ales for the discriminating consumer,
to test the boundaries of creativity and style. In short, to make outstanding beer.
Brewers: Erik Lars Myers and Chris Shields
Gentlemen's Preference Blonde Ale  a light, easy drinking blonde ale with a touch of sweetness and a touch of hops. Our version is made with Trappist Ale Yeast for an extra little bit of dryness and fruity aroma that makes for a truly refreshing blonde ale.

Queen Anne's Carolinian Dark Ale  this beer was designed to be a darker version of an English-style IPA, to show off the soft bitterness of traditional English hops but to balance them with the rich chocolate of roasted malt. The name “Carolinian Dark” is a dig at “Cascadian Dark” ales which seem to somehow suggest that either the PNW has the only available line on hops, or perhaps that it’s made by elves.

St. Stephen's Green Dry Irish Stout  a classic Dry Irish Stout — dry, roasty, and refreshing, with notes of bitter chocolate and espresso supported by a light sour tang and a light play of British hops.

Beatrix  a hoppy, floral saison made for spring with crisp bitterness and dry complexity made with unmalted wheat, Demerera sugar, and a new breeed of hops called Delta - a mix between traditional English Fuggles and American Cascade hop.

Nantahala Brewing Company
87 Depot St
Bryson City, NC 28713
(828) 488-2337

Located in the shadow of the Great Smoky Mountains National Park, Nantahala Brewing artfully brews award-winning, craft beer made with fresh hops, whole grains and clean, crisp Great Smoky Mountain water, from one of the purest, protected watersheds on the planet. Nantahala Brewing Co. was founded in early 2009 and brewery operations and distribution began nearly a year later in May of 2010. The Brewery and Tap Room are located at 61 Depot Street, Bryson City, North Carolina. Tap Room is open year-around.
Brewer: Greg Geiger
Noon Day IPA   is an  IPA brewed with pale malts, generous amounts of crystal malts and an abundance of whole hops. The hops are showcased through our “hop back” process, which along with dry hopping, produces a piney, grapefruit and floral aroma and helps contribute to a crisp, dry finish.

App Trail Extra Pale Ale (ATX)  is a light golden Pale Ale with a crisp dry flavor and a touch of bitterness.  The unique hop varieties create a tropical citrus flavor and aroma that balances with the soft malt profile

Bryson City Brown  is a mild, easy drinking "session" beer with a complex flavor. The chocolate and nutty character is flavorful yet not too heavy. There is very little hop bitterness and the finish is smooth and pleasant.

Up River Amber  a California Common, a style that originated in San Fran. It is fermented with a hybrid yeast that exhibits characteristics of both ales and lagers. The malt flavor is grainy and toasty and there is a noticeable amount of Northern Brewer hops.

Dirty Girl Blonde Ale  brilliantly clear with sparkling carbonation, our dirty girl is a light easy - drinking - American blonde. Crisp and refreshing throughout with hints of noble hops in the aroma

Devils Courthouse  is a Belgian golden ale was brewed with Belgian candy suger and fermented with Belgian gold yeast. Light, with a dry, clean finish.

Sticky Dog Stout  is an export style stout that exhibits an abundance of roasted flavor with a subtle amount of chocolate to complement the abundant use of dark grains. The mouthfeel is creamy and luscious up front with a slightly dry finish.

Nantahala Pale Ale   is an American Pale Ale made with a variety of malts and hops to create a well-balanced, reddish colored ale that is citrusy and sweet with a big hop nose.

Natty Greene's Brewing Co.
1918 W. Lee Street
Greensboro, NC 27403
(336) 856-6111

Triad-based brewers of premium craft beer available on draught and in bottles throughout North Carolina. Beginning in 2004 with four beers, Natty Greene's now brews more than thirty styles each year in a mix of year-round and seasonal offerings covering the entire range of craft beer. Natty's operates Pub & Brewing Co. locations in downtown Greensboro and downtown Raleigh featuring a full menu of heartier, higher-quality pub fare and twelve Natty's handcrafted beers on draught daily. Natty Greene's Brewing Co. - Taste the South!
Brewers: Sebastian Wolfrum
Southern Pale Ale  is a medium-bodied, deep golden ale with distinct, bitter character and a hoppy, piney, citrus finish.

Golden Ale  is a light-bodied brewed with hops and malt from Germany, England and Belgium yielding a crisp, refreshing finish.

Saison  ia a crisp and dry, traditionally hearty summer beer with spicy, fruity notes in the aroma and flavor.

Raspberry Brown  

Hop Juice   

Baltic Porter   

New South Brewing Company
851 Campbell Street
Myrtle Beach, SC 29577
(843) 916-2337
This busy Myrtle Beach microbrewery produces house beers for the T-Bonz Steakhouse chain, which has seven restaurants in Charleston, Myrtle Beach and Augusta. The company also markets its own brand of New South beers, serving the local Grand Strand and coastal South Carolina.
Brewer: David Epstein, Brock Kurtzman
New South White Ale  an American interpretation of a classic Belgian wheat ale. Spiced with coriander and orange zest. 4% abv

New South Nut Brown Ale  a traditionally mellow hop character comes together with a beautiful mahogany color in this especially drinkable brown ale. 4.8% abv

New South India Pale Ale  is characterized by its coper color and assertive hop bitterness. THis IPA brings together both American and British influences. 6.0% abv

New South Dark Star  a robust porter, generally available only Dec.-Mar. This rich black ale has a sweet, but roasty, malt flavor and a lingering hop finish. 5.8%abv

Olde Hickory Brewery
Olde Hickory Brewery
2 Third Street SW
Hickory, NC 28602
(828) 322-1422
Festival host Olde Hickory was founded as a brewpub in west Hickory. The company now incorporates that renamed establishment, Amos Howards Brew Works, the downtown microbrewery and one of the city’s most popular restaurants, Olde Hickory Tap Room.
Brewer: Steven Lyerly
Oak Aged Redeemer    an imperial IPA with enough hops to send any hop-lover to Heaven. This batch is oak aged for a little twist. 10%abv

Wilson Creek ESB    Olde Hickory's popular Extra Special Bitter, in a cask. Sometimes you just want a classic.  Hop forward, but by no means the intense hit of an IPA.

Daniel Boone   a barrel aged imperial brown ale. The rich malty flavors from the base beer blend in a wonderful fashion with the vanilla and caramel notes from the bourbon barrels.

Table Rock Pale Ale   OHB’s India Pale Ale, this popular brew is highly hopped but not obnoxiously bitter.

Hickory Stick Stout   hoppier than cream stouts, this Imperial Stout-style brew has supple mouthfeel and some harshness in its dark, rich flavor.

Lindley Park   we saved a little bit of our special winter release - a barrel aged imperial stout with raspberries.

Seven Devils   another special barrel aged beer - this time a Scottish ale. A great beer before it went into the barrels- an amazing beer when it came out.

On Cloud Nine   we kept hearing - I love IPAs, but the alcohol content means I can only have one or two. So here is our version of a sessionable IPA.

Death by Hops   a ton of hops flavors, but a lower alcohol content than Redeemer.

Oskar Blues
342 Mountain Industrial Dr
Brevard, NC 28712
Founded by Dale Katechis in 1997 as a brewpub and grill, Oskar Blues Brewery launched its craft-brewed beer canning operations in 2002 in Lyons, Colorado. It was the first American craft brewery to brew and can its beer. Today there are more than 200 craft breweries canning beer. The original crew used a hand-canning line on a tabletop machine that sealed one can at a time. Oskar Blues Brewery in Longmont packaged 59,000 barrels in 2011 and grew to 85,750 in 2012 while opening an additional brewery in Brevard, NC, in late 2012. Much of the Oskar Blues beer being sold on the East Coast is now brewed and packaged in North Cackalacky!
Brewer: Noah Tuttle
Deviant Dale's    citrus, grapefruit and piney resinous aroma and flavor with a nice malt backdrop to balance.  60 IBUs, 8% abv

Mama's Little Yella Pils    a crisp and clean lager with big Saaz hop flavor and aroma. 35 IBUs, 5.3% abv

Old Chub Scotch Ale    dark, rich, malty and slightly smoky. This Scotch Ale won’t let you down.  32 IBUs,  8% abv

Big BAMA Buzz    our first North Carolina colla-BEER-ation with Asheville Brewing Company. This Imperial Brown Ale contains Ethiopian coffee and a touch of molasses. Very limited supply! 7.6% abv  

Outer Banks Brewing Station
600 S Croatan Hwy
Kill Devil Hills, NC 27948
(252) 449-2739
The Outer Banks Brewing Station is the first wind powered brewery in the United States! We were also the first business to produce wind power on the Outer Banks. We pride ourselves in being innovative and conscious about the environment, while helping  others learn as much as they can about renewable energy and sustainability.
Brewer: Scott Meyer
Ölsch    brewed in the Kölsch style, it’s a refreshing, pale, delicate beer with a lively aroma imparted by Santiam and Perle hops.  4.8% abv

LemonGrass Wheat Ale    a zesty golden hefeweizen infused with a potent smack of Lemongrass. The flavor is crisp, tart and refreshing – World Beer Cup Silver Medal winner!! 5.2% abv

Hugh Hefeweizen    a classic, Bavarian styled Hefeweizen is based on 59% wheat and is fermented with Weihenstephan Yeast which gives it the traditional banana-clove aromas. 5.3% abv

Mad Raven Black IPA    floral, spicy hop aromas comingle with dark roasted malt flavors. A sort of stout for hopheads. 6.7% abv

Wild Oyster Stout    a whiff of boiled-down briny local oysters lurks within this inky-black behemoth made with dark roasted malts and crystal rye. Brewed to promote The Nature Conservancy’s Oyster Reef Restoration Project using local oysters! 6.7% abv

Oyster House Brewing Company
35 Patton Ave
Asheville, NC 28801
(828) 350-0505
Brewer: Bill Klingle
Moonstone Oyster Stout   is our flagship beer. It is a dry stout brewed with oysters (shell and all). Wonderful roasty flavor and a hint of sea salt.

India Pale Ale  has an intense hop flavor an aroma - the result of  five days of dry-hopping!

Upside Down Brown  is a "mild northern brown."  Slightly sweet, but not overpoweringly, and lightly hopped.

Pisgah Brewing 
150 Eastside Business Park
Black Mountain, NC 28711
(828) 669-0190
Black Mountain, NC’s first ever brewery, eclectic Pisgah Brewing, specializes in brewing hand-crafted beer in its 10-barrel brewhouse. The brewery features growlers-to-go and live music Tuesday through Saturday.
Brewer: Ryan Frank
Summer Ale    brewed year round for those longing for lighter beer and warmer weather, this Certified Organic Blonde Ale is made with organic two-row barley malt, whole leaf Mount Hood and Nugget hops, water and top fermenting ale yeast.

Solstice Tripel Ale    a pale gold year-round Belgian tripel ale, this beer contains moderately fruity esters with an alcoholic complexity supported by a soft malt character. 9.5% abv.

Pale Ale    a perfect blend of rich organic malts with whole leaf Chinook and Mount Hood hops.

India Pale Ale
    an American version of this classic strong ale.  With 6 hop additions, including first wort hopping and a massive blast of dry hops, this beer has become an Asheville favorite.  7.5% abv

Riverbend Brown Ale    a brown ale made with Riverbend malt. A classic brown ale with a medium body and a deep brown color. Malty and a little bitter.

Blueberry Wheat Ale

R.J. Rockers Brewing
113D Belton Dr
Spartanburg, SC 29301
(864) 587-1435
Originally located downtown in historic Daniel Morgan Square, R.J. Rockers became Spartanburg’s first brewery in April 1997. Just over six years ago, the company relocated into a new building and re-established itself as a distributing microbrewery. And now RJR is on the move again, taking on a larger facility with plenty of room for growth. “There’s nothing R.J. Rockers can’t do with beer.”
Brewer: Mark Johnsen
Bald Eagle Brown Ale   a traditional Brown Ale, but with more body. It's deep color comes from a combination of Chocolate and Black malts. Tall, dark and smooth- the perfect cure for the domestic beer blahs. 5.6% abv

Light Rock Ale
  is a light-bodied ale inthe tradition of a German Kolsch. This is the perfect post-lawn mowing beer. Gold medal winner at the 2009 Great American Beer Festival.  4.5% abv

Patriot Pale Ale   American  pale ale agressively hopped with Challenger and Cascade and with a sweet caramel finish. The flavor that launched RJ Rockers- and brewer Mark Johnsen's personal fave.  6% abv

Bell Ringer Ale   is a high gravity offering, delightfully loaded with malt and hops.  8.5% abv

Star Spangled Stout Ale   is a robust American-style stout brewed with six different malts. It has a rich, full body with coffee and chocolate overtones. The perfect desert beer. 6% abv.

Son of a Peach Wheat Ale   is an unfiltered American wheat ale made with real mean peaches. The only thing missing is the fuzz. Savor the anger. Gold medal winner at the 2009 Los Angeles International COmmercial Beer competition. Spring/Summer seasonal. 5.8% abv.

Raleigh Brewing
3709 Neil Street
Raleigh, North Carolina 27607
(919) 400-9086
At Raleigh Brewing, we strive to embrace our wonderful City of Oaks community. We provide exciting events that involve local homebrewers as well as local charities on a regular basis. Our attached 3,300 sq-ft. homebrew store provides knowledgeable service to our patrons & teaches educational classes on brewing & beer.
Brewer: John Federal

Red Brick Brewery
Red Brick Brewing Co.
2323 Defoor Hills Road NW
Atlanta, GA 27617
(404) 355-5558
Atlanta Brewing Company was founded in 1993 with the vision of brewing world-class beers. It is the oldest operational craft brewery in the state of Georgia. In April of 2007, the brewery moved its operation to West Midtown and increased its production capacity to 13,000 barrels. The new brewery also boasts a beautiful new tasting room that attracts craft beer fans from all over metro Atlanta and beyond.
Brewer: Garett Lockhard and Steve Anderson
Red Brick Ale    a full-bodied brown ale with big malt flavors and subtle notes of chocolate and coffee. Made with seven roasted malts, Red Brick Ale pours a deep garnet color with a rich, creamy head. 6% abv.

Red Brick Blonde    pale gold in color, this American-style blonde or golden ale has light body and fresh malt flavor. Mild hops and a clean finish make Red Brick Blonde a great introductory beer for American lager drinkers interested in exploring craft. 5% abv.

Peachtree Pale Ale    American pale ale in style, this deep amber color beer sports complex character and full body. Generous use of hops is evident in the floral bouquet. 5.6% abv.

Red Brick Double Chocolate Oatmeal Porter    nearly black in color with coffee and dark chocolate flavors, this robust porter is brewed with lots of chocolate malt and roasted barley. Flaked oats provide an almost creamy texture. 7.7% abv.

Sierra Nevada Brewery
The site is set on approximately 190 acres on the French Broad River—property purchased from a family that had owned and cared for it over the last 100 years. The majority of the site will be kept wild and intact; we have plans to develop a trail system with river access. At a minimum, the new brewery will be LEED certified, with a focus on alternative energy, environmentally conscious construction, reforestation and river quality monitoring and protection.
Brewer: Jeremy Austin, TJ Gardner
Sierra Nevada Pale Ale  piney and grapefruit aromas from the use of whole-cone American hops have fascinated beer drinkers for decades and made this beer a classic, yet it remains new, complex and surprising to thousands of beer drinkers every day.

Summerfest   with a nod toward the original Czech tradition, Summerfest is brewed to feature the best of Bohemian nature. Crisp, golden, dry and incredibly drinkable, Summerfest has a delicate and complex malt flavor and spicy and floral hop character—the perfect warm weather beer.

Torpedo   the first beer to feature our “Hop Torpedo”—a revolutionary dry-hopping device that controls how much hop aroma is imparted into beer without adding additional bitterness. Torpedo Extra IPA is an aggressive yet balanced beer with massive hop aromas of citrus, pine and tropical fruit.

SweetWater Brewing Company
900 Wendell Court SW
Atlanta, GA 30336
(404) 691-2537
Located in an Atlanta industrial park, SweetWater Brewery was selected as Best Small Brewery of the Year at the 2002 Great American Beer Festival. The microbrewery specializes in producing aggressive West Coast style beers.
Brewer: Mark Medlin

Thomas Creek Brewing Company
2054 Piedmont Highway
Greenville, SC 29605
(864) 605-1166
Thomas Creek is a family owned and operated microbrewery situated in the heart of Upstate SC, creating an array of great microbrews. The father and son duo, Bill and Tom, brew ales and lagers, using only the finest barley, hops and yeast. With an assortment of 6 standard beers and seasonals, Brewer Tom Davis is constantly brewing to meet customer demand. “Seek the Creek!”
Brewer: Tom Davis
Chocolate Orange IPA   a specialty IPA showcasing a gorgeous, deep copper brown color. Malted chocolate wheat gives this beer a roasted chocolate flavor enhanced by the addition of chocolate powder. Sorachi Ace dry-hops and bitter orange peel boost the citrusy bouquet.

Conduplico Immundus Monachus   an imperial version of Dirty Monk, a Belgian porter with smokey tones and a slightly bitter finish.

Class Five IPA   a citrusy and crisp, fully hopped IPA brewed for the true hop head with varietals from Magnum and Cascade  to dry hopping with Willamette and Centennial.

Dockside Pilsner   a light bodied and golden German-style pilsner with a light and clean finish.

Stillwater Vanilla Cream Ale   a season, this light bodies and golden hued American-style cream alehas a highly refreshing palate and an undertone of pure vanilla essence.

Deepwater Dopplebock   a full bodied German-style dark lager with a rich creamy flavor with roasted nut notes and am easy finish with notes of coffeee and toasty chocolate.

Tipping Point Brewing
190 N Main Street
Waynesville, NC 28786
(828) 246-9230
We may be located in a small North Carolina town, but we’ve always dreamed big. From day one, it was our goal to brew great beer and create an inviting tavern to experience that beer in.
We have many great craft beers on tap including our very own Punch in the Face IPA and over 25 well-kept bottled beers.It’s all about passion for us. Passion for great beer. Great food. And great service. It’s why people from all over the Carolinas come to the Tipping Point Tavern to tip a few.
We hope you’ll join us soon.
Brewer: Scott Peterson
Chunky Gal Amber   a golden American amber that begins with creamy maltiness and finished with a sweet hoppiness that lingers on the tonque. An extremely sexy amber.

Punch in the Face IPA   a fresh IPA dry hopped, with just a slight bit of maltiness. It stats with a big ol' grapefruit slap in the face, then some tangerine and just a hint of lemon with a lingering of hops on the palate. 

1736 Porter   a robust porter with a roasted malt body and traditional English hops.

Ryeway 74 Collaboration Ale   a Red Rye Ale with smooth, spicy flavors balanced with hoppy and unique malty notes developed with heirloom barley and rye malt from Riverbend Malt House in Asheville. Brewed by Bearwaters, Frog Level, Heinzelmannchen, Nantahala, Tipping Point.   6.2% abv.

Top of the Hill
Top of the Hill Brewery 
100 E. Franklin Street
Chapel Hill, NC 27514
(919) 929-8676
Founded in 1996, Top of the Hill’s brewery is at "the social crossroads of Chapel Hill." Wtth an annual production of 22,000 barrels, available exclusively at Top of the Hill, the brewery has produced over 60 styles and variations since opening.  
Brewer: Aaron Caracci and Chris Atkins
Kenan Lager    this lightly colored lager with a delicate taste and dry finish is available year-round and is sure to please, regardless of the season. 4.2% abv, 15 IBU.

Ram’s Head IPA    full bodied and generously hopped, this English-style IPA has a strong bitterness with some malty tastes in the background and is also available year-round. 6.9% abv, 60 IBU

Singleton    strong, high-gravity ale is make exclusively from a single  malt and a single  hop (Liberty). Maltiness and sweetness are in perfect balance in this seasonal strong ale! 9.3% abv, 65 IBU

Old Well White    a  smooth and light wheat beer that is very refreshing. Brewed with orange peel & coriander, available year-round . 6.1% abv, 12 IBU

Blueridge Blueberry Wheat    a wheat beer brewed with blueberries, a winner in the fruit beer category 2010 World Beer Championship. 4.2% abv, 12 IBU

Triangle Brewing Co
Triangle Brewing
918 Pearl St
Durham, NC 27701
(919) 683-BEER
Founded in 2007, Triangle Brewing is dedicated to producing well balanced, full-flavored, yet highly drinkable Belgian and American style ales. Triangle beers are made with the finest hops and barley malt. Flavors harmonize, not fight for individual attention. Seeing beer as equal to, if not superior to, wine, Triangle beers are designed to complement food. Triangle hosts bi-monthly tours with lawn darts, live music and great beer. symbolized by its signature gold and black logo featuring a lighthouse.
Brewer: Rick Tufts
Belgian-style Golden Ale   a  cask conditioned ale;  exhibits  a complex mouthfeel, strong malt flavors, a spicy hop presence and soothing alcohol warmth, followed by a clean, dry finish.

Triangle IPA    cask conditioned ale; this IPA sparkles with effervescence and presents a floral, citrusy aroma and full hop flavor, while downplaying the bitterness and balancing out the malt. This beer has been specially dry hopped with 3 different hop varieties for a wonderful drinking experience.

Best of Both Worlds Stout    cask conditioned; a  dark stout with chocolate, coffee , and raspberries.

Lambic    cask conditioned and just released! A crisp and tart refreshing beer that draws its flavor from the unique fermentation character imparted by the yeast in the primary fermentation. The result is a flavor rich in fruitiness while the yeast fermentation also creates a sourness on the sides of the palate, reminiscent of a traditional lambic style.

Triple C Brewing Co
Triple C Brewing Co.
2900 Griffith St
Charlotte, NC 28203
(704) 372-3212
One of Charlotte's more recent brewery, Triple C Brewing opened in August of 2012.
Brewer: Scott Kimball 

Trophy Brewing Co
Trophy Brewing Co.
827 W Morgan St
Durham, NC
(919) 803-4849
We are a 3 barrel nano brewery in downtown Raleigh featuring a full bar and growlers to go. Our beer is something, often unique, and always tasty. Our bar is comfortable and our staff is well versed in the way of zymurgy, small talk and making you feel at home.
Brewer: Les Stewart

Wicked Weed Brewing
Wicked Weed Brewing
91 Biltmore Ave
Asheville, NC 27023
(828) 575-9599
Wicked Weed is a brewery in Downtown Asheville that specializes in hop forward American ales and open fermented Belgian Style Ales. It was founded by two brothers who love the craft of creating interesting, creative and an ever rotating selection of beers. Always looking to push the boundaries, Wicked Weed's barrel aged and sours program is expanding with a separate barreling facility right outside the city.
Brewers: Eric Leoplot and Walt Dickinson

You can’t judge a beer by its color. Just because a translucent gold ale appears unassuming and dull like many near-tasteless light beers, its actual flavor may very well be unrelated to its hue.

Pale yellow to bright gold colored beers are generally inviting in appeal, though color can be deceiving. Take a golden Czech Pilsner, for instance. Made to style, this thin yellow lager hides a playful punch, thanks to Czech-grown Saaz hops, in its quick bitter finish. Almost as pale in goldness, a potent Belgian Trippel is far-from-harmless. Extremely malty, this beer of the Abbeys is so sweet that its 8% to 12% alcohol content gets lost in the flavor profile.

Don’t be intimidated by dark beer. Brown Ales, like the popular imports Newcastle Brown Ale and Samuel Smith’s Nut Brown Ale, look challenging in their chestnut tinted richness. But the English Brown style leaves little room for bitterness. Friendly caramel sweetness is the dominant flavor in these "dark" beers. Many German lagers also avoid bitterness.

Black beer creates even more apprehension for unschooled beer drinkers. Take Dublin-brewed Guinness Draught Stout. Contrary to its heavy/harsh perception, a result of its opaque bubbling blackness, a pint of Guinness offers creamy mouthfeel and luscious dark chocolate malt flavor, all with only 4.2% alcohol. That’s less alcohol than many of the most popular mega-brewed domestic beers.

And what about those cloudy gold wheat beers? Unfiltered and unabashed, live yeast creates foggy turbidity and contributes greatly to the earthy, spicy flavor profile of traditional Hefeweizens and other wheat beers. A ton of taste hides within this murky brew.

Please be a non-discriminating, color-blind beer drinker. Taste is the most important of the senses when it comes to beer. Don’t let appearance stand in the way of the taste experience. Give every beer a chance. Cheers!